February Planting

This February I put a good dent in the planting – got 3/4 the way done with my dry beans, thanks to the help of my kids.  So far I have ~6000 beans in the ground – Kidney, Black, Pinto, and white.  Still have about ~3000 more beans to get in the ground before I can get started on the March planting.

The front yard garden is looking a bit shabby, I plan on ordering 2-3 yards of soil tomorrow and rejuvenate it for planting.  I am hoping to move all my Collards, Kale, Cabbage, Spinach, etc to the front yard garden where it will get filtered light from the small front yard orchard.  The plants I put there last year did well despite the poor soil and conditions so I expect with good soil and better conditions they should flourish.  I also plan on getting lot’s of colorful flowers started in the front yard for my little pollinator friends and I will have a pollinator sanctuary sign made and posted this year.

Should be an exciting and very green planting season, I will continue developing my minimal effort gardening techniques – you’ll learn more about these practices as I post more on the garden.

March Goals

Well, march is already upon us and I have some goals setup – mostly finishing up what I started last month.  Wish me luck in getting my agenda items done and hopefully I will have some SD plans for you all to check out and possibly my final concept for the property.

Personal Life - I will be taking the CAD design I created and toddifying the bike stroller to match.  Some welding, some wood work, some fiberglass work a little electrical, etc.

Home Life - I will be finishing up the waste management system by creating the labels, getting the family used to using it, determining how to deal with the waste, modifying my purchases to limit certain wastes and trying to update you on how it’s going.

Sustainability - I will be crafting more ladybug houses and possibly some yellow jacket houses for sale and install on the property.

Other - I will be sanding and putting together the Wardie.

February Recap

Well, this month didn’t go exactly as I had hoped – but I did learn some lessons and make some progress in some areas as you probably saw in my February Mid-month update.  Of course I did get some non-agenda items done like planting in the garden, the sides on my raised beds (only taken me 2 years to get that done), and some good ideas for how to possibly get materials within my limited budget.  Sooooo, to recap let’s see where I ended up:

Living Building - I managed to read through the living building challenge guide and I have started the design documents, but still have a good amount to go.  I did determine this is going to be a 3 phase project spanning the next 5 years.  I hope to have phase 1 complete and the overall final concept done.

Personal Life - I did purchase a bike stroller, but did not get the toddificaiton done.  I did manage to get it in CAD and do the design for enlarging it, next month I hope to get the parts and get it welded and crafted up.

Home Life - I made a little progress on my waste management – picked up a couple of crates and a rack for organization.  The idea is to create simple easily labeled bins for organizing my recycling so that I can deal with it properly.

Sustainability - I created my prototype ladybug houses and built four more.  Created an instructable for how to construct the ladybug houses, did some art work on them and feel accomplished.  Next step is to market them and see if I can’t sell them.

Other - I finished the final design plans for the Wardie and managed to get the top cut and pieces ready for sanding.  I did have one problem, on of the top pieces cracked due to stress on the wood and the strength of it.  I managed to get it glued back together and you can barely notice it was cracked.

Even though I didn’t meet all my goals, I feel it was a great month and next month should prove to be just as promising.