February Goals

So here I am with January wrapped up, a good start I think to it all.  Registered the home project with the Living Building Institute, got the website up and going, had a party to announce my intentions to a good portion of my friends, garden beds all filled with fresh material ready for spring planting, and much more.  However, I got to thinking it would be good to set some good goals in several areas of my life that really focus in on the over all goal.  So as part of my lead into February I am going to start setting goals each month in the following categories:

Living Building – projects that involve the house and moving towards the living building challenge goals.

Personal Life – Personal life changes, how I personally do things.

Home Life – Things I am changing in my home and how I operate.

Sustainability – These are sustainability goals that may or may not coincide with other areas.

Other – This category is for random goals I have planned.

So, let’s give this a shot for February… Here are my goals for February.

Living Building - Read over the Living Building Challenge documents in more detail, get my conceptual design documents together – maybe see if I can find an artist to help me do a rendering of what I am hoping for.  At least get a site plan, floor plan and some general labels for what I intend – this has been designed and redesigned in my head I can’t tell you how many times, time to put gray matter to digital paper.

Personal Life - I am going to make this month a build on something I am already doing.  I have been biking as my method of travel for over 5 months now, about 14+ miles a day round trip with use of MAX transit system to help.  I do however use my Vanagon on Monday and Friday when I need to transport my kids.  So, I want to take it to the next level and try to eliminate car usage entirely.  My goal is to find a bike stroller – Toddify it (make it larger, more comfortable, safety, etc) so that I can transport my kids over long distances on bike.  I will explain more about this as the process unfolds, along with a rationale as to why I am doing this over other options.

Home Life - In my home life I have been thinking a lot about my waste – particularly plastic.  Now I have already gone through a period of not using garbage service before to get a hands on feel for how to deal with your own waste, it was a challenge to start but doable.  I did start back up using waste services again so that I could go through the process again, be a little more prepared in the transition.  I am going to transition over this month out of using garbage service again and I am going to try and reduce the amount of plastic usage in my house – packaging and storage.  However there will be some distinctions on where plastic will be acceptable which I will go through in my posts.

Sustainability - This is going to be an easy one, this month I am going to work on habitats for living beings around the site.  I am rolling this into a small family workshop I am having that is going to focus on lady bug houses and lady bugs.  However, I plan on trying to also create several other types of habitats – bat house, bird house, and yellow jacket.  As time and energy permits I will work on posting plans, and video for these.

Other - I have a private project for a client this month, I call it the Wardie.  I will be taking a family heirloom desk that was hand made by their grandfather and transforming it into a custom bookcase.  The reason for the transformation is the desk was not a functional piece of furniture, but had sentimental value that they wanted to preserve.  I will be using all reclaimed material and hand worked/recycled hardware to complete the project – I have high hopes this will be an exceptional piece when I am done.

I hope you enjoy this month and I look forward to sharing things as they happen.

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